Desi Enterprises


We Offer Quality Service and On Time Delivery


General Engineering

We are the manufacturing & supply unit of CNC Precision Machined Components For General Engineering & Auto Sector. We specialise in highly skilled personnel to satisfy your needs.


Desi Enterprises was established in 2003 with conventional lathes and Grinding Machines. Our company grew rapidly with tireless efforts and is now one of the best industries in the small scale sector to go for CNC turning machines. We were one of the leading CNC shops and manufacturing units in Bangalore before shifting to KIADB Harohalli Industrial Area in 2016.

Desi Enterprise is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We have a very strong and dependable quality assurance department. The major strength we possess is our Quality System and on Time Delivery with the VMM (Vision measurement machine), Profile Projector etc. This ensures that the customer will receive the best quality products from us here at Desi Enterprises.

Employees are our strongest asset and we continuously work with our people to ensure their safety and growth. Our employees are the most essential aspect that help us provide our customers with the best of services. The genuine hard work and determination put in by them has rapidly pushed us through many stages of growth and reach this point. 

Take the decision to choose use for your CNC components and be ready to get top notch services on time with no room for error. 






Greater Proficiency & Knowledge

 Our company has been in this field for almost two decades now. We have the utmost proficiency in our functioning and possess a very vast and useful amount of knowledge in Auto Turned Parts. 

Versatile CNC Turning Material

The CNC turning material used adapts to various different functions and activities. Hence it provides much more usage and durability.

Complete Adherence to Design Guidelines

The set of design guidelines for the turning process are given the utmost importance by us. This is what makes our services top quality.

Custom CNC Turning Procedure

We follow the custom CNC Turning procedure to get the best results out for our customers. You are sure to be left satisfied.